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We create pollinator habitats and cultivate beauty for DC residents.

DC Natives is a local nonprofit working to cultivate beauty for DC residents, improve neighborhood experiences for DC communities, and support the environment by creating pollinator habitats.

Pollinators on Every Block

DC Natives is building a pollinator path through all corners of the District.

Community Gardens
Ft. Greble Community Garden
Community Gardens
Ft. Douglass Community Garden
Community Gardens
Rock Creek Park Community Garden
Green Job Training
Douglas Street, NE
Washington Youth Garden
National Arboretum
Growing with Children
3030 G Street Southeast
Neighborhood Garden
1st Street NE
Neighborhood Garden
Rhode Island Avenue NE
Neighborhood Garden
Harry Thomas Way NE
Neighborhood Garden
Randolph Place NE
Neighborhood Garden
3rd Street NE
Neighborhood Garden
Todd Place NE