First Flower Fridays: The DC Natives Demonstration Garden Series

In a recent survey of participants in our Pollinator Garden program, we learned that our community is interested in receiving more support and education to help them care for their gardens. We listened to your feedback and we’re thrilled to announce a new program launching this April: First Flower Fridays! It’s the DC Natives Demonstration Garden Series!

Held on the first Friday of every month, this series will offer hands-on instruction right in the gardens of community members. Our gardener team will guide you through:

  • Caring for your pollinator haven
  • Planting techniques for a flourishing pollinator pathway
  • Essential tips for maintaining healthy and vibrant native pollinator gardens

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes, ask questions, and gain the confidence to create your own native plant oasis.

Calling all Green Thumbs!

To make this program a success, we’re seeking passionate volunteers to help spruce up the garden of our community members. If you have a love for native plants and enjoy sharing your knowledge, we’d love to hear from you! In April, we’re starting with the homes of our founders—Ms. Dorsey and Ms. Peaches.

Show Us Your Garden Gems!

Send us an email at to RSVP for the first Demo Garden session on Friday, April 5! We look forward to digging in with you.

In the meantime, feel free to:

  1. Sign up to volunteer
  2. Express interest in featuring your garden by sending us an email and sharing a bit about your garden needs at

Upcoming First Flower Fridays!

  • Friday, April 5, 2024
  • Friday, May 3, 2024
  • Friday, June 7, 2024
  • Friday, July 5, 2024
  • Friday, August 2, 2024
  • Friday, September 6, 2024

Keep an eye out on our email distribution and Instagram for updates on upcoming events. 

Photo by Natalia Jones on Unsplash

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