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We increase pollinator habitats and create local beauty for DC residents.

Our Vision

DC Natives supports a healthy climate by increasing pollinator habitats and creating the local beauty we believe every resident deserves.  

DC Natives’ is a step by step approach to creating habitats.  Every small project contributes to a beautiful, aggregated whole. DC Natives hopes these gardens will foster a love of gardening and a deeper understanding of the environmental significance of pollinators.  We offer the gardens as a vehicle to help bridge communities, underscoring the shared environment that connects us and the importance of collaboration to improve it.

Our Team

DC Natives is a city-wide collaboration. We respond to local need and the direction of our neighborhood partners.

Thorne Rankin
Thorne is a DC native with many  years of experience in landscape design and project management. She brings a broad knowledge of the local natural environment, the importance of pollinators and has witnessed the evolution of many local neighborhoods.

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